Eddie Hall Is Already Calling for a Rematch Against Hafthor Bjornsson

Strongman-turned-boxer Eddie’ The Beast’ Hall may have lost the battle against his long-time rival Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson, but he’s still aiming to win the war and has already called for a rematch between the pair.

Hall and Bjornsson met in the ring on Saturday night, and after years of training and trash talking, it was Thor who took home the win, earning a unanimous points victory. Now, Hall has responded by saying although he accepts the better man won on the night, he’s up for doing it all over again.

“You know what, I can take things like a man,” Hall said in a video posted to his Instagram account after the fight. “It is what it is. It’s boxing. At the end of the day, I’ve literally fought the biggest man on the planet in a boxing match. I’d like to see anybody else get the balls to do that.

“It’s been a hell of the journey. I enjoyed it. Hopefully, there is a rematch. We can do business again. I just want to wish everyone out there to stay safe, stay positive, keep moving forward in life.”

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Hall and Bjornsson’s rivalry goes back to their strongman days, when, back in 2017, Thor accused Hall of cheating him out of that year’s World’s Strongest Man title. Speaking to Men’s Health previously, Hall said the incident caused him to spiral into depression and wasn’t something he could forgive.

“I actually suffered with a lot of depression off the back of what Thor did to me,” Hall said. “He put a massive black cloud over my win, and in every single interview I did, it wasn’t ‘well done for winning the World’s Strongest Man,’ it was, ‘I heard you robbed some guy of his title, what happened there?’

“That’s what I had for three or four years. I had this big cloud over my win. Imagine how tough that was for me to come home from winning the World’s Strongest Man title, something I’ve dreamed of my whole life, and all the headlines were ‘Hafthor Bjornsson robbed of World’s Strongest Man title.’ Think how fucking hard that was for me.”

So, although the pair shared an amicable fist bump in the ring on Saturday, don’t expect this rivalry to go away anytime soon.

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