Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad Stars a Shirtless Michael B. Jordan as Alexa

Last fall, due to theatrical closings in the wake of COVID-19, Paramount sold distribution rights of the film Without Remorse, starring Michael B. Jordan, to Amazon. The film is based on the 1993 Tom Clancy novel and is part of the Jack Ryan series, which Amazon has already adapted into a TV series with John Krasinski. The film is set to release on Prime Video sometime this year.

Making use of the acquisition’s star talent (one Michael Bakari Jordan) and a multimillion-dollar ad spot during the Super Bowl, Amazon is double advertising with their products and movies. The commercial, recently released online, features apparent Amazon product developers previewing a new design for the company’s AI assistant, Alexa. The first premise: there is no more appealing design for Alexa than the circular object sitting on the table. The second premise: the Alexa on the table is not, in fact, Michael B. Jordan. Therefore: the current Alexa design is not ideal.

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Enter the sexiest product developer fantasy ever fantasized—and the thirstiest ad you will see during the Super Bowl save for potential John Stamos Greek yogurt content. (We’re still holding out for that.) Part product plug, part movie promo, part Black Mirror AI fantasy casting, the commercial already deserves a spot on the all-time Super Bowl commercial greats list.

The commercial also continues a star-studded Super Bowl streak for the company, including a 2018 ad spot that featured Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Harrison Ford, and Anthony Hopkins. A great lineup, but still not Michael B. Jordan. Now, Alexa, train me like Adonis Creed.

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