YouTubers Anthony Padilla, Mykie Buy Slick Hollywood Hills Home

In case you hadn’t noticed, yesterday’s kids of YouTube are now all grown up and buying multimillion-dollar houses. The latest millennial to join the ranks of property-owning YouTubers is OG creator Anthony Padilla, who with his beauty guru girlfriend Mykie (full name: Lauren Mychal Mountain) has paid $2.3 million for a snazzily redone home in the steep L.A. hills directly above West Hollywood.

Built back in 1974, the aggressively modern structure has lived through several design iterations. And like most 46-year-olds, the place has seen its share of ups and downs, of heartbreak and happiness. The heartbreak part peaked back in 2017, when the house was in a truly sorry state of neglect and disrepair; that year, it was sold off for $1.3 million as a “major fixer” to an investor buyer.

But the new owner quickly made the property an appointment with local qualified real estate plastic surgeons, who have nipped and tucked the place into a contemporary extravaganza that’s ready for the chaos of the 2020s. The ol’ girl now sports a new lease on life and all the amenities today’s luxury buyers desire.

Inside, the grey-and-white interiors offer a stylish, if slightly generic, take on luxury, with milky white walls just begging to conform to the homeowner’s sense of style. An all-glass front door opens directly into the combo living/dining room, where there’s a fireplace and multiple big picture windows. The abundance of natural light continues in the similarly sunny family room and adjoining kitchen, which packs in top-notch Wolf stainless appliances, all-new cabinets, and snow white countertops.

The master suite includes a walk-in closet and a completely open, airy bathroom with a soaking tub and shower. There are also two guest rooms, one of them with its own ensuite bath, and two epically large wooden decks — one of them mounted atop the attached two-car garage — with spectacular views of the surrounding hills.

Like most properties in the tightly-packed Hollywood Hills, the house sits hard up on the street, albeit behind walls and gates for privacy. Apart from a postage stamp-sized patch of grass on the property’s south side, there isn’t much of a yard. That’s certainly good for landscaping costs and Padilla’s water bill, but potentially bad for those desiring a pool — there isn’t one, of course — or an at-home frolic in nature, though the home’s wide decks provide plenty of room for al fresco entertaining, and the jetliner views make for easy birdwatching.

Padilla, 33, was one of the very first YouTubers to hit it big on the platform. He first rose to internet fame way back in the mid-2000s, as one half of the popular Smosh sketch comedy channel; today, the full-fledged company sports more than 25 million subscribers and nearly 10 billion lifetime video views. Padilla himself departed Smosh in 2017 to focus his own popular solo YouTube channel, which recently notched five million subscribers. This year, he launched his own company, Pressalike Productions, which aims to develop unscripted content.

Mykie, best-known for her Glam&Gore YouTube channel, sports more than four million subscribers and over 600 million lifetime views to her name. The 31-year-old became known for her friendships with other popular beauty creators, including Jeffree Star and James Charles,

And like nearly all influencers, Padilla and Mykie have also faced their fair share of controversy and criticism. Padilla is well known for his beefs with fellow creators Trisha Paytas and Jake Paul, while Mykie recently issued a public apology after a former friend called her out for allegedly racist behavior.

Jose Diaz of Realty 24 Seven held the listing; Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates repped the buyers.

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