Fox Business Will Launch Larry Kudlow in 4PM Slot

Lou Dobbs’ program is off the schedule at Fox Business Network, and Larry Kudlow’s will soon be on.

Fox Business Network will launch a new 4 p.m. program led by Kudlow on Tuesday, February 16, putting the former Trump economic adviser and CNBC personality on screen just as the stock markets close for the day. Fox Business did not offer a title for the new program, but said it would “feature closing market analysis as well as interviews with major industry leaders influencing Wall Street, Washington and business in America.”

Kudlow’s show will air again at 7 p.m., an hour previously reserved for repeats of “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” Fox Business abruptly announced Friday that it was canceling Dobbs’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” its most-watched show. Dobbs is one of three anchors employed by Fox News Media who have been named in a defamation lawsuit filed by Smartmatic, a voting technology company, that is seeking $2.7 billion in damages for the way its work has been described and disparaged during some Fox programs, including Dobbs’>

Fox Business said it intended to fill Dobbs 5 p.m. slot with a rotating group of anchors, and would fill the hour with a show called “Fox Business Tonight.”

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